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Do you treat children?

Our team loves getting to know children aged three and over and working with them to help them develop healthy oral habits.

By the age of three, most children will have all 20 of their baby teeth. Monitoring their oral health from this point forward is crucial because these teeth play a significant role in your child’s dental development.

Yes, your child will lose their baby teeth eventually, but until then they serve several purposes. Baby teeth hold a space open for permanent teeth that will eventually emerge, and they also help your child learn how to speak and eat properly.

Without proper care and attention, baby teeth can become decayed, and if the decay isn’t treated, the tooth will be lost. This loss can lead to crowding as neighboring teeth move in to fill the void and can also create speech problems. Not to mention the fact that you don’t want your child ever to have to suffer from a painful tooth.

At Train Station Dental, our team works with little kids to help them feel positive about their oral health by treating them as individuals with unique personalities. During their early visits, we’ll help them get accustomed to new surroundings, and as they grow, we will be there to guide them and you in making healthy decisions that support good oral health.

If it’s time for your child’s next visit, please call our Audubon dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.

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