We thought we would help you get ready for your first visit by sharing some useful information.

Forms You’ll Need to Bring

Before your first appointment, we will contact your insurance company to verify your coverage, but please bring your insurance card with you.

Feel free to download and print your Medical History form and Sleep Apnea Questionnaire and complete them at home. If you’re unable to do so, you can fill out the forms at our office, but please plan to arrive a few minutes early so you get the most out of your appointment.

When You Arrive

As soon as you set foot in our office, you will know we’re not just any dental practice.

Our historic building used to house the Audubon train station, but even with our renovations to modernize the practice, our office still retains its original charm. When you arrive, you will see beautifully upholstered chairs, stained glass windows, and the original bench near a bay window where people used to wait for their trains!

Getting Started

There is always a member of our team available at our front desk to greet you with a warm smile and help you get settled in. If you haven’t filled out your medical history form, we will ask that you spend a few minutes to provide us with this crucial information.

Our motto is “Always on Time,” so you won’t have to sit around waiting to be seen. We allow plenty of time for each patient's appointment so neither you nor our team will never feel rushed or stressed. Our team will take time getting to know you, and you will become a member of our family on your first visit!

What Happens during Your First Appointment?

Our hygienist will introduce herself and get you settled comfortably in your private room. She will review your medical history, take necessary digital x-rays, screen for oral cancer, and perform a thorough cleaning along with oral hygiene instructions. We will use a Diagnodent digital cavity scanner and take intraoral photos that we share with you on your chairside monitor.

Next, you will meet with your dentist, who will review the information we gathered and talk to you about your needs and concerns. He will recommend a treatment plan based on your history and your current condition that is designed to address all your dental needs.

Depending on the type of treatment planned, your hygienist will discuss appointment planning. In the case of extensive treatment, we will arrange a complimentary consultation so you can come in and discuss all the details with us.

We look forward to meeting you!