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Does root canal therapy hurt?

Root canal therapy in Audubon, NJ, is a tooth-saving treatment that eliminates infection, restores your tooth, and removes the pain. Remember, it is the infection deep in your tooth canal that is causing the discomfort! Without treatment, you risk infection spread and loss of the tooth.

If your dentist says you need root canal treatment, it means you have a tooth root infection. You’ll often come in with a dental emergency—severe tooth pain and swelling. If you’re lucky, your dentist catches the emerging infection during a routine checkup before it has caused discomfort.

With root canal treatment, we ensure the area is numb before starting to clear the infection. To do this, your dentist relies on gentle rotary endodontics, removing the tooth material causing pain and closing it off with a temporary filling. Then, at a future dental visit, we provide a real filling or, more commonly, a dental crown to restore stability.

You can lower your risks for root canal infections through regular dental care and excellent oral hygiene at home.

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