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Do you offer nitrous oxide?

We understand that millions of people suffer from dental anxiety, and while oral care is crucial, we have to start by addressing your fears so you feel comfortable making and keeping appointments.

Nitrous oxide is a gentle form of sedation that will relax you but not put you to sleep. It is a gas that is mixed with oxygen and has been safely used in dentistry since the mid-1800s. In fact, nitrous is so safe that we can use to help children relax and get the care they need.

Nitrous is inhaled through a comfortable mask that sits on your nose, so you just need to sit back and breathe normally. In a few moments, you will feel very calm, relaxed, and mildly euphoric. You will be fully conscious, but the activity around you will recede into the background.

We administer nitrous only as long as your procedure lasts, and when we remove the mask, the effects dissipate quickly. Unlike other forms of sedation, you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment and immediately return to your usual routine.

Because of our team’s gentle and caring approach, most of our patients don’t require sedation. But everyone has different needs, so it’s good to know that this option is available. If you have questions about nitrous oxide at our Audubon dental office, please call us so we can find the answer you need.

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