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How long do dental implants last?

Making the decision to replace missing teeth is an excellent one! In fact, restoring your smile contributes to the future of your oral health while boosting your self-esteem. Your dentist in Audubon, NJ—along with most dentists—recommends dental implants for their fit, function, longevity, and contributions to oral health.

Dental implants are new tooth roots fabricated from solid titanium. This titanium can integrate into the jawbone, creating the perfect foundation for a replacement tooth or prosthetic. With prosthetics like dentures, your dentist typically uses up to six implants to fix it to the jaw.

Dental implants can last for a decade or longer. However, you can take steps to lengthen longevity by visiting your dentist regularly for checkups and teeth cleanings while maintaining excellent oral health. In some cases, dental implants have lasted for life.

The first step is coming into our dental office for an implant consultation with the dentist. Then, we can let you know whether implant dentistry suits your tooth replacement needs.

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