mainImage-2“I not only love the whiteness and brightness of my teeth,but that they give me something to smile about.”
– Anne

Did you ever go to a wedding and wish your teeth were whiter? Did you ever go to a class reunion and thought the shade of your teeth made you look older? At Train Station Dental, in only 45 minutes we can give you a beautiful, whiter, and more youthful smile.

There are several kinds of bleaching techniques available.

1.    Over the counter bleaches
2.    At Home bleaches distributed by your dentist
3.    Zoom in office bleach

Over the counter bleaches are expensive and not powerful enough to whiten your teeth effectively. The percentage of active ingredient in these bleaches is not high enough for you to ever achieve maximum whitening.

At Home bleaches distributed by your dentist are very effective. This procedure involves the fabrication of custom mouthguards that hold the bleach next to your teeth. You would wear the mouthguards for 2 hours per day for about 12 days. The results would brighten your smile significantly more than over the counter bleaches.

If you don’t want to wear a mouthguard for 12 days, Zoom in office bleaching is for you. Zoom will whiten your smile in 45 minutes. Zoom is the most effective tooth bleaching method available today.

Unlike at other dental offices, when you whiten your teeth at Train Station Dental, you get the best of both worlds. We include an At Home bleach kit with every Zoom patient. This allows you to maintain the whiteness of your beautifully “Zoomed” smile.

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